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Strategic Duck Tripod

As a coach/mentor/business consultant (three terms that can be summarized in a simple phrase, a person that supports a business in reaching  goals), there is a lot more to my profession than having meetings with a client. Typically, our meetings are face to face, and it is the most effective type of support that I can offer. Face to face meetings are supplemented by phone conversations, e-mails or even a Skype session.

Most people in my profession use the above referenced method of accomplishing their mission. My vision is to provide ongoing worthwhile and affordable support to all levels,   from a business start-up to a successful business that wants to grow to the next level. As there are only so many hours in a day, the fees charged may not be affordable to financially strapped businesses. At Strategic Duck, I have created a three legged stool; the main part is our face to face, full service program. That program is supported by the three legs of the stool, each of which are critical for those that want to reach the top.

Affordability and quality were the criteria I used in designing these three support legs. The following is a brief description of what they are and how they work:

Business Tuesday©: over the years you have heard me stress the importance of working on your business instead of only in your business.   Our members commit to spending two hours each Tuesday and step back from their daily chores to concentrate on the big picture of running their businesses. Each Tuesday morning they receive an e-mail with a reminder of their commitment along with a short “nugget” that they apply to their businesses that day.  Upon joining they receive an instruction manual on how to best implement this process. Several times a year they have an opportunity to join other members for networking and educational purposes. Support is also offered via e-mail to our members. The cost for this program is an annual investment of $100.

IABE©: (Immediately Applicable Business Education).  Business owners need answers now. They don’t have the time to go to school and take a semester course on a subject that is a pressing, current problem. To provide affordable and immediate support on many business issues we have established a series of 90 minute classes/workshops . These can be taught at a business location exclusively for one business or they can be presented in a classroom setting  with no more than 25 participants. Sponsors can request a class for an exclusive presentation to a group of their clients. Please contact for more information.

One Biz Central©:  the third leg of our tripod is an online information source that covers most major issues that a business confronts. There are articles can be found  section plus a daily business blog. Our goal is to challenge you with ideas that you can implement in your business plus answers to your questions. An e-mail question and answer format is also available on that site. The site contains other benefits such as e-books and a unique virtual networking system.  The investment to participate in this is only $60/year, $5/month.

We provide the tools, you have to pick them up and use them.

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