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The question is not can I do it, but will I do it…………..

Every one of us is confronted with this question perhaps more frequently than we care to admit. We know what we are capable of accomplishing but for some reason the job, even if it is started, is never completed. In our minds we envision how it will be done and spend even more time thinking about the results and then procrastination sets in.

Be it fear of failure, a lack of “energy” or knowing that in the past work was never completed on dozens of other projects , every business owner must face this question and come to terms with a solution.

Everyone one of us can have a very profitable business if we can just follow through on what needs to be done. Based on my personal experiences and those gathered from working with many business clients, the following are some of my simple solutions to this very complex problem.

  • Make a commitment to someone else: I look at commitments that are made to ourselves the same way I look at New Years’ resolutions, they mostly fade away.  When you know you have something to do that will benefit your business, decide how long it will take you to complete it and then tell one of the following that you will present the finished project on a specific date, time and place:
    • Your business support group
    • A business group, if applicable
    • A group of your clients
    • A group of potential clients
    • Your advisors
    • Having a mentor to keep you accountable. This requires an investment of time and money but is perhaps one of the best ways to finish a project. The investment in a good mentor is usually returned many times over the course of a long term relationship.
    • Select someone to work on your project with you. This may require taking in a partner for this specific project or paying someone to help you complete this project. The commitment is made to the other person and both of you commit to finishing the project.

On small step at a time all the time is what is needed to persevere in business and to develop quality work habits; but to accomplish this on a regular basis requires a commitment both to yourself and one of the three suggestions listed above.

This leadership procrastination exists in all types and sizes of businesses; the good thing is that there is a solution, and the choice for success is in your hands.

What most people tend to forget is that we have unbelievable control over our destiny.    Bill Gove

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