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60 plus years old – no money – no job – no prospects….

This past year I have seen an increase in the number of people that fit the title of this article.                       Some have given up; others need direction as to what innovative options are available to them. A few have moved in with family members or are being supported by family members. The hard reality is that the economy is not in an upswing for all; jobs are still hard to find and age discrimination still exists. Self-confidence is at a low point with many and the wrong work experience is an additional burden. Lack of technology training, not the inability to learn, is another stumbling block for many over 60.

One possible solution is for those over 60 to become job creators for themselves. Alone, this seems like an unsurmountable task, but in community, all kinds of good things can happen. I envision daily meetings with a facilitator where minds can once again become engaged and hope and enthusiasm can once again exists as the group meets, discusses and learns.

It’s not going to be an instant source of revenue for the participants, but I believe that several long lost dreams can be re-vitalized and new businesses started. This concept has been in the back of my mind for several years and I am ready to conduct such a group.

This group will not be a networking group with the hope of finding jobs, but a job creation group that will educate themselves on how to be successful in today’s  environment. Business and marketing plans will be developed; the strengths and weaknesses of each participant will be evaluated so that their strengths can be maximized.  Education will be a daily part of the meeting and the support given to each other will complete the needed foundation to develop successful businesses.

There will be several requirements: the most important is a commitment to the concept and to participate in all meetings. The group will consist of no more than 20 members nor less than 12. Once the group is stabilized it becomes closed. (Other groups can start as new participants step forward.)

There will be no initial cost except perhaps for a continental breakfast. Learning how to fund a new business will be part of the educational process.

Those over the age of 60, in my opinion, are the most conscientious workers. I think that within each group anywhere from 2 to 3 new  businesses can be formed to create an income for all the participants that are willing to put forth the required effort.

I am willing to provide the support; it’s up to you to step forward and take advantage of it. I don’t want to hear all the “past” sad    stories. This will be group with a motto:  “how can we best succeed”

. If you have an interest call me at 602-989-1592 or e-mail me at We will form an initial group in the Phoenix metro area.

The ball is in your court……………..

Nick J. Petra CFP



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