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Who do you trust, an advertisement or a friend?????????????????????

According to Nielsen, 92 percent of consumers report that a word of mouth recommendation is the top reason they buy a product or service. There is a lot more to this statement than first appears. Technology has given all of us the opportunity to share with our data base friends how we feel about most things. While direct word of mouth (people business) is the most powerful marketing medium in the world, we spend the least amount of time on this process.

It’s not enough to be just recommended, important factors are how and when they do it. I constantly recommended that you differentiate yourself from other competitors. Do your friends know your differentiation?

Another article I read said that an average person is exposed to thousands (30,000) of advertisements on a daily basis. If you take all direct marketing, i.e. direct mail, e-mail, etc., the response to these is less than 1 percent. I am convinced that a new type of marketing effort will become the norm, and that is learning how to get your business talked about and recommended.

There are new books written on the subject, and I found a “word of mouth” association with dues of $10,000. At our small business level, this type of marketing is critical to continued growth. The following are several key components to such a marketing effort:

  • Review your story. Does it tell who you are and what is special about you?
  • Is your story “real?”
  • Does everyone in your data base know your special story?
  • Do they know how to refer you?
  • Are you telling your story on social media?
  • Have you done a u-tube video with your story
  • Does your e-mail tell a story?
  • How often are you re-telling your story?
  • Does your service or product compel your customers to recommend you?

I am working on a supplement to the traditional marketing plan which encompasses word of mouth marketing.  This type of process will be more personal, and it encompasses not only what you say, how you say it and when you say it, but it also becomes a foundation for all marketing that a company does. For information on this process, a four hour session, please reach me at:

We gain more by letting our real selves  be seen than by pretending to be what we are not.

Francois De La Rochefoucauld

Nick J. Petra CFP




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