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The not so “cold call”…..

Yesterday a young man walked into my daughter’s open house. His target market is real estate agents and his service is taking professional pictures of their listings. He dropped off a sample of pictures he had taken and gave her a business card. She asked his cost and he told her and then left.

I applaud his initiative to reach his target market in person; that is a first step in the right direction. I e-mailed this young man this morning and asked him to subscribe to this blog. If he does, he will receive some very valuable information. The following is a basic, mini-business plan based on the blog I posted yesterday, “word of mouth marketing. “Real estate agents in an “open house” represent a captive audience. But more is needed than a business card and a picture.

  • A personal, compelling story is the first marketing tool.
    • Why are you here?
    • What makes you different?
    • How will I benefit from your service?
    • Testimonials are important.
      • Peer testimonials go a long way in creating credibility.
      • Ask for and listen to your prospect’s story.
        • A relationship building process
        • Options:
          • Offer to take some pictures of the open house at no charge
          • Offer a mini brochure post for the agent on Facebook at no charge. This requires having a simple format that can easily be put on an exclusive Real Estate Facebook page
          • Ask for e-mail address and permission to include them on your value based newsletter which will include special offerings and new developments in photographic visual marketing.
          • How will you “brand” your unique service?
          • Are there educational classes that can be offered? I.e. How to best prepare a home for pictures?

Every small business owner can develop a simple plan to grow their business in a systematic way. An important reminder, change is the only constant in our business lives today; always review your position; study your competition and listen to the expectations of your customers.

I offer mini four hour planning sessions for small businesses at very affordable rates. Find out more by calling me at: 602-989-1592.

Today’s opportunities erase yesterday’s failures.                       Gene Brown

Nick J. Petra CFP

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