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The three things you have to have are an open mind, a willingness to change and a belief in future results. I can perform my end of the bargain but only if you bring these three items with you and combine them with directed hard work, commitment and accountability.

Open mind: an open mind means that you are willing to accept advice; it means that you are willing to start trusting others. It requires doing away with the mindset that you have all the answers. Your pride may be bruised when you open yourself up to constructive criticism!

Willingness to change: change is the only constant in today’s business world. Change can go in many directions and upon occasion, it takes a few steps back. Discovery is part of the planning and implementation process and that means that a constant review is necessary to stay on track.

Belief in future results: stretch goals are set in the strategic plan. They have to be realistic and as the business owner (and management team, if applicable) you have to believe that your goals are achievable.

Directed hard work: as a business owner you no doubt have been working hard. Directed hard work is work concentrated on reaching goals and making time management a priority.

Commitment: my favorite definition of Character is: The ability to carry on after the moon has left you.” Starting on a new planning and  growth process is very exciting and the adrenaline flows; but then reality sets in and a realization of the commitment hits hard. Business success requires a complete dedication to reach the defined goals.

Accountability: the hardest part of my job, in many cases, is having my clients stay accountable and do what they said they were going to do. I have to be a “tough” task master. Together we set dates for climbing the steps that take us to our final goal.  My job is to make sure you reach the top.

The first step is to set a get acquaintance meeting. We will share our stories and get to know each other. That first meeting will either result in our working together or we both just expanded our circle of friends. My number is 602-989-1592 it’s your turn to call.

Many people are more comfortable with old problems than with new solutions.

Nick J. Petra CFP


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