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What do your prosepcts care about???????????????

Before you answer this question take a look at all your marketing material; what is the message? So much of the material that I look at has to do with what the business does, or the credential of the owner.

Now let’s answer the question: your customers don’t care about you or your product or service, they only care about themselves. 

Now comes the real work in developing a marketing program, finding out what your target market cares about. The second part of the process is placing this information in a place where your target market will see it.

Recently “social media” has become the “buzz” in marketing. I have been told that if I get my message out at least several times a day on all the major social media outlets I will be successful. Back to my first question: What is the message that you have to get out? Go back and look at the messages you have posted this past week. Do they tell your prospects what they want to hear?

I believe that social media has an important place in marketing but it has to be integrated into the overall marketing plan. Everything that is sent out has to lead to the ultimate answer that your market cares about. In my opinion, the best place to answer that question is on your own website. That is “your home,” a place where you can open your doors, show your personality, and provide consistency of message. The best part is that it is “all yours”, not part of a group of people all putting out competing messages.

Should social media then be a conduit to your website? I believe that the answer should be a resounding yes. There has to be enough content in all social media marketing that satisfies a prospect’s needs (refer back to what customers care about) and entices them to go to your “home” website and browse your message in detail.

The courage to be different and to re-do your entire marketing plan is my message today. This concept should be included in your “word of mouth” marketing as well as all printed material and online marketing. Take a look at your story and the story of your business. What is the message? Does it talk about you or your customers?

Accomplishing this new marketing direction will take time and planning but I feel that it will provide the edge that your business needs to win the prospective customer battle.

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Nick J. Petra CFP


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