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Is your logo recognizable?????????????

The back of my I-Pad had a picture of an apple with a bite taken out. I would venture to guess that almost everyone in the United States and perhaps most of the world recognizes that logo as representing Apple. This logo represents the Apple Company’s identity and it reflects, in my opinion, the company’s values and products.

Building a brand name is one of the most important marketing tools in any business, be it large or small. A logo becomes the first and quickest impression that a client or prospect has of your business.  The vision that that logo creates in the mind of your prospect is all part of building your brand.

The overall branding process is always work in progress.  A few companies have stayed with their logos for many years, others, such as Starbucks, changes theirs every few years.

I have my own version as to how a logo should be integrated into an overall marketing program:

  • The logo you select should have a story; why did you select that logo? In my case I chose a duck (can be seen at,  and it does have several stories.  Many years ago my daughter drew a picture of a duck and wrote the following under it: “Always behave like a duck. Keep calm and unruffled on the surface but paddle like the devil underneath”. (That is on the back of my business cards and the original drawling is above my desk). That same year my wife and I went to Laguna Beach for their Art festival. My wife bought me a picture of an aviator duck, which is also hanging in my home. Friends saw both pictures and I started receiving gifts for all occasions, all in the form of a duck. Everything from pictures to Christmas ornaments to crystal and silver ducks. To date I have received over 200 different ducks.
  • Several years ago when I wanted to select a new name for my consulting company, my family suggested a duck. In my research on ducks I came across Lessons from Geese by Dr. Robert McNeish. ( I felt that ducks and geese are from the same family) The lessons were in many ways, the ones that I wanted to have my company be known.( For a copy please e-mail me at The next step was to design my duck and now I am on the long road to brand my company and logo.
  • My logo story has proven to be a great conversation starter as well as a relationship builder with prospects and clients.
  • Make sure that you use you logo on everything from e-mails, social media, printed material, etc. have your logo story ready to share and relate how it applies to your company and the values and benefits you offer.

There is a lot more to brand building, but this is one small aspect of it that you may not learn from anyone else.

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