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Consistent and persistent action….

These are the two requirements for achieving success, reaching your goals in your personal or business life. Many small business owners suffer from a sickness called inconsistency.  Business is cyclical, often times because we make it that way.

Let me share a few basic examples:

  • You start off with a clean desk; this time you promise yourself that as you handle a piece of paper you will finish with it and put it away. Things have a habit of getting in the way, and keeping an orderly desk becomes a job for a future time. In a small business, disorganization will spread from your desk to your files to the rest of your operation.
  • You work hard to bring new business into your firm. That new business now gets all your attention, and marketing is forgotten. New business brings in cash flow and how it got there is forgotten. Next comes the inevitable “lull” and the marketing effort is starting from the beginning.

Creating a daily blueprint for the day’s activities is something easy to do. You make a list the night before; prioritize it according to what most affects your goals and then implement the plan the next day.  This is an important process: make your plans the day before and you will have a full day to make it happen. If you wait until morning to develop your daily action plan, it will take two to three times as long to create it and you will have much less time available for its implementation.

For small businesses I recommend my 40% marketing rule; spend 40% of each day marketing. This means having a full marketing plan with detailed steps and actions that can be broken down into daily achievable and measurable goals.

The balance of your day will consist of customer service, office systems (including accounting), education   and delivery of your products and service.

There is no magic in this message. It’s something that each of us knows must be done and the doing is the difference between success and mediocrity. Why then do we accept less than we are capable of? I can speak from personal experience, both my own and that of my clients. Being a small business owner is a hard and lonely job. My answer is to find support and accountability from someone who cares, someone you trust.

Take a leap of faith and reach out………….

Nick J. Petra CFP     

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