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Technology, not always the best answer…

In small business, survival, growth and profitability require a learning process. There are many ways to learn but, in my opinion, there are only a few ways that can deliver education in the correct environment.

Technology, in many cases,  has made education a one way process: you can listen to a webinar, watch a taped session, listen to a DVD, etc. in these cases someone is presenting a “canned session” with the message that “it fits all small business educational needs.” yes, in some cases you can read the screen or actually watch the presenter. Sometimes, in a live presentation you can type in a question which may or may not be answered.

Survival, growth and profitability education has the following requirements:

  • The lesson is geared to a current need
  • You can stop the lesson and ask questions
  • The instructor has real life experience in the subject being taught
  • You walk away with information that can be applied to your business right away.
  • The instructor will stay after class to answer questions
  • The instructor is available to you by phone, e-mail, Skype, etc. for ongoing support.
  • The educational process is affordable.

The “DUCK” (strategic duck) provides two very unique solutions:

  1. IABE (immediately applicable business education) offers pertinent survival, profitability and growth sessions in a classroom setting, and addresses specific needs of small businesses. Classes are limited to a maximum of 30 participants but can be as small as 10. Instructors have fought and won the small business battle, not only in their own business, but by successfully guiding other small business owners. When you finish one of these hour to an hour and a half sessions, you can go back to your business and make an immediate application.  Over 25 specific small business sessions are available and affordable at only $30 per session. Many other benefits are available during the class including a unique networking opportunity with fellow class members.
  2. On-going personal support with a mentor that has the credentials and testimonials to gain your trust. Ability and trust have to be earned so there is no contract required when working with us. We prove ourselves on a month-to-month basis and it’s your decision as to the term of the engagement. Our goal is to stay with you as you reach each of your goals. Our price structure is affordable and affordable even to a new business. We offer  a free hour meeting to check our compatibility and to share our stories. We explain our process and then together a decision is reached.

Make the move to sustainability in your business. Call or e-mail us today to set up a no-charge session.

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