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Change is the only constant in the world of business. The gold watch at retirement from an only job is a thing of the past; job security, at any level, does not exist.   We need to stop and focus on what the employment situation is really like. Forget the unemployment figures, the underemployed figures, the numbers of people that gave up looking for work and the, what I consider, struggling underground of people who are being supported by family and friends. The fear that exists within the hearts of the retired and almost retired who fear  what their future holds and those living on welfare make up the rest of our invisible society.

People who are currently working and are paid a livable wage are living in a world that does not concern itself with the people I referenced above. The only time it becomes an important factor is when they, too, become unemployed.

The past few months I have been exposed to an unusually large number of people in need; their situation   fits one of those that I identified in my opening paragraph.

Income security has to come from within. In the past we have been taught that there will be a job or someone will provide an income. Our whole work life is based on those two precepts. A few find it within themselves to break out of the mold and become job creators, both for themselves and others.

I believe that deep inside every person there is a potential business owner. Ideas for a product or service have crossed their minds, but for a variety of reasons including fear of failure, fear of taking a risk, and a lack of self-confidence caused   their dreams to never become a reality.

My recommendations for a solution are as follow:

  • Starting in grade school and continuing in high schools and college, every student should be required to take a class each year in entrepreneurship, the class to be taught, not by a teacher, but by a small business owner. The goal of these classes is to encourage students to actually start a small business and experience what makes up a business. No, they don’t have to work in their business, but that knowledge will stay with them and is useable should the need ever arise.
  • Every adult should start a part time business to gain experience. it will be the foundation that will help them provide an income when a job disappears and another is not available. The satisfaction of making even a part time business successful is a great confidence booster.

As an adult it may appear to be difficult to know where to start, but there are a lot of us who are willing to help. One solution is to become an intern for a small business. There may not be a paycheck to start, but you will learn and as you help grow the business there will be a financial reward. I have met people who are working full time and still find time to intern.

I can write volumes on this subject, but for now my message is addressed to business owners. Reach out and help another person learn a trade, even as a part time intern. Teach your children the importance of learning the basics of starting and operating a business.

I keep coming back to a message that I have shared over the years. The future of our country is in the hands of small business. Take ownership of our Nation and get it back on the right track by helping someone else succeed.

Nick J. Petra CFP      If you are interested in my business call me about a potential internship or find out how I can help you grow your own part time or full time business. E-mail me at


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