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Goals, deadlines, accountability and consequences……..

It’s time to focus on accomplishments, on getting one important thing done. This is a simple exercise make a list of the ten most important things that you have to accomplish for your business. Next, prioritize them by order of importance, not easy to complete. Prioritize them by which will have the greatest and most significant impact on your business when completed. Make your list and review it three times a day for the next two days, and then finalize the prioritization.

  1. Goal: you have now completed the first step to this process. The number one item on your list will be your focus.
  2. Deadline: how much time is needed to complete this assignment? This is a critical part of the process; don’t rush this or give it more time than it needs. The time given has to be enough to realistically finish all the work necessary to reach the goal.
  3. Accountability: take the time allowed for this project and break it into daily steps. What has to be completed each day; it should set the foundation for the work to be done the next day. Are you going to work on this first goal alone, or are you going to have help? I have been working with business owners for more than 25 years, and accountability is one of the most neglected aspects for growing a sustainable and profitable business. Being accountable to yourself is a noble idea, but for this exercise select another person(s) to share your plan with and ask them to hold you accountable  for its accomplishment. That requires that you give them a copy of your goal as well as the deadline for reaching it and who is accountable for the overall project. Your accountability support can be a spouse, your business support group, or your business coach.
  4. Consequences: next make a list of what will happen if you don’t achieve this number one goal. Be honest and examine the far reaching consequences of a failure. This list may contain 3 to 10 items.

As simple as this sounds, it is one of the most difficult assignments I give my clients and when completed, it is one that sets the tone for the future accomplishments.

Successful businesses are built on small simple steps taken one at a time in order of importance. This process helps build the discipline required to grow. The accountability factor tells you when a correction needs to be made and changes implemented to reach that goal.

Change your business life by doing something as simple as this………..

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