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Grow a strong business…………

Webster’s has the following definitions for the word strong:

  • Having or marked by great physical power
  • Having moral or intellectual power
  • Having great  resources, such as talent
  • Striking or superior of its kind
  • Effective or efficient in a specified direction
  • Not mild or weak
  • Moving with rapidity or force
  • Solid, not easily injured
  • Not easily subdued
  • Not easily upset


Always strive to grow a strong business. These 10 definitions from Webster’s dictionary, in my opinion, set the bar for what a sustainable and profitable business should be like.


Take these 10 items and rewrite them into your own words; describe how each of them pertains, or should pertain, to your business.


  • How you present your business determines if others see it as a powerful business
  • Values build the foundation for moral power
  • Resources are the knowledge and enthusiasm  that you bring to the business
  • Be the best in your field
  • Be focused on your goals
  • Have confidence in yourself and display that to others
  • Change is the only constant in a business, be aware of its coming and be ready to adapt
  • Don’t let others steer you from your set course
  • Don’t let what others are doing get you down
  • Keep a positive attitude. Mistakes are stepping stones to success


This is how I interpreted these 10 items for myself. Strategic Duck is strong because I live by their message; it is posted above my desk.


Develop your own strong business points and live by them.


Sometimes a simple definition can result in an important message. Always keep things simple.


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