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Growing a business is a challenge and many hurdles have to be overcome. One issue that I frequently encounter is the founding owner’s desire to keep control and to make all decisions as if he were the only person in the company.

Once the business grows beyond the founding owner and employees come on line, a team mentality has to be fostered by the actions of the owner. Keeping secrets, not divulging business or marketing goals, not sharing accomplishments and setbacks takes away from the employee loyalty-building process. Keeping good employees for an extended period of time is a worthwhile goal. Allowing them to contribute their ideas and to be part of the planning process will help accomplish that.

If a person met your hiring criteria, knowledge and common values, then they should be utilized to their full potential. That means allowing them to give their input on systems, marketing, client retention, etc.

The following is from my notes; I took them at a team building session:

T – together  E –everybody A – accomplishes  M –more

  • The T (together) also requires trust at all levels
  • The E (everybody) requires you be empathetic to others
  • The A (accomplishes) requires that you appreciate everyone’s contribution
  • The M (more) requires that you manage conflict.

It’s important that the entire team has a common vision. A business owner has to share that vision with the entire team (company) , not just a few people that may be in management. “If all the people in the company have a guiding star on which to sight (a common vision) they can be dispersed into independent little boats, rowing in the same direction,  from a book “ Beyond Entrepreneurship by Collins and Lazier

Using a team approach removes a lot of unnecessary worry that a business owner has. It allows the owner to also concentrate on the vision instead of wondering if the staff is doing a good job.

In firms of approximately 10 employees I have segmented the planning process so that the entire office team can play a role in its development and to  accept the accountability for their job performance in reaching the established goals.

I believe that good leadership takes on the role of “both team member and leader” and arranges the work so that it will be done by a cohesive team, thus allowing the team members to become a community.

Your staff does not care how much you know until they know how much you care.

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