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P.U.S.H…Pray until something happens….Push until something happens…………….

My wife knows I like to use acronyms in my blogs and in my presentations. The one that I have used most often in the past is:

  • G.U.T.S.   God’s undeniable terrific Secret

After a very tiring day, I shared with her my meeting with a business owner who is ready to call it quits. I believe he called me to share his story of “hard luck” and to ask me to justify his reasons for quitting. The gist of his story was that after all his hard work, he hasn’t been able to move his business forward and he was running out of energy, patience and money. Since this was our first meeting, I asked him to meet with me in the morning so we could discuss options. This evening as I was sharing this story with my wife I didn’t know how to approach my meeting in the morning.

After listening to my adventure she shared the following story:

A man working in his field came across a large rock that stood in the way of his planting. He turned to God and asked for help and God said, “Just push on the rock”. The man went back and pushed and pushed and after many days he turned to God and said: “I have been pushing for days and the rock has not moved”. God said, “I asked you to push on the rock, not move it, I will do the moving.”

I received my answer; he was trying to move the rock instead of pushing it. In the morning we will talk about the methods needed to push a business forward; how to find the lost enthusiasm that first inspired the business. Pushing a business has many positive results even though the business may have not moved. The experiences gained are valuable; the mind is challenged to grow and better options will open up.

Tomorrow we will make a list of lessons learned and look for the single most bothersome issue that, in his mind, has caused to business the stall. Once that is identified, together we will formulate a plan to remove that obstacle and then together we will PUSH.

The product he offers has many benefits and is needed by his target audience. I am going to bed this evening knowing that I can be of help.

Great things happen whenever we stop seeing ourselves as God’s gift to others, and begin seeing others as God’s gift to us.                           James S. Vuacolo

Nick J. Petra CFP         




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