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Every day has to be a stepping stone to tomorrow. That means more than just “surviving” another day; it means that the word success has to be inserted into the formula. Ask a business owner how the day was and often the response is, “I survived another day.” “Getting by” or “surviving “tells me that the day was filled with small bits of busy work; things were done as they came up without any measurement of the “success step” that is needed to be on target to truly grow a business.

How do you identify success? This question is an important part of growing a profitable and sustainable business. Once that question is answered, then everyday should have a portion of the day devoted to taking a step towards its achievement.

As a business owner you have to wear a lot of hats and many things have to be accomplished on a daily basis. The secret is to make sure that every day a step is taken to get you closer to your definition of success.

Making daily list, I classify as busy work; invariably the easiest things on the list are attacked first. The only real important item that should be on a daily list is the one that leads to your vision of success. The balance of the operational functions will be taken care of but none is as important as taking a successful step towards your vision today and then adding another success step every next day.

Taking a small success step every day has the highest probability of success.  It grows the energy level, the enthusiasm needed to achieve the impossible.  Every real vision is attainable by this method; staying on track is the difficult part. We are creatures of instant gratification, we expect results sooner rather than later.

Small success steps also destroys the procrastination bug that lives in so many of us; it may not happen the first day, but after two or three weeks of daily success steps, the  bug will disappear.

If you need help developing the daily success steps, then ask for help. A strong coach or a business support group  can  help you stay on track.

When you adopt this plan, think big in your vision but think small in your daily success steps. The process will only work if the daily success steps are achievable.

Success is simple. Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time. (All the time.)   Arnold H. Glasow 

Nick J. Petra CFP   helping you reach your success is our only job.

P.S. I added the “All the Time” to the above quote.

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