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What is the “Plus” in your business????????????

Times are changing and every business will be affected! There are many dynamics that identify the consumer today and there will be many more in the near future. The way that consumers buy products and services are in a constant state of change, and I predict that there will be new criteria that will define the product and service providers that will grow and prosper.

We are a society that is in a hurry. We expect answers to all our questions to be easily found and to contain the information we need. As a society the daily options we have to occupy our business and leisure time keep us busier than ever.

The following are a few of the critical items that need to be adapted in this new era of consumer marketing:

  • Your Brand
    • Has to convey trust
    • Has to be built around a solid value system
    • Your products/services
      • Have to be “the best”
      • Have to be easily accessible ( easy to find)
      • Have to be easily understood
      • Have to be delivered in a “rapid fashion”
      • Related products/services
        • Either you diversify your products/services or
        • You form strategic alliances with related products/service providers and offer them  through a common portal

This does not spell the end of the small business owner. The business still has to excel in their products/services. What it does mean is that there now has to be a common portal that delivers additional related products and services. The start of this coming change is evident in the rapid growth of companies such as Angie’s List  and To Fix It where with one call you can obtain “trusted” services or products for your every need.

I predict that this type of combined services/products will start growing in a variety of different formats. All these will have the three items I highlighted above as their base. Current firms are the trail blazers in this new marketing method; but change is the only constant and improvement will be made as new alliances are formed and marketed.

Don’t be left out; get ahead of the curve and become the leader in developing this marketing program for your industry.

Nick J. Petra CFP      At Strategic Duck we are marketing innovators and can help you achieve the leadership in your industry.

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