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EDucation in itself is not enough……………..

One of the most disturbing aspects of education is the lack of follow through on the part of the recipient.  There are many worthwhile educational opportunities for the business owner, be they in the form of books, seminars, live or online classes.

Based on my own research and experience, the majority of the attendees do not apply what they learned to better their businesses.  The excitement is there during the educational process, but it quickly wears off because the application requires work and perhaps a change in the way things have been done.

Most small business owners are in business for themselves, by themselves. The result is that there is no support system.

My own education originates from the sources I mentioned above. I take notes at seminars and underline books; I also keep a book journal in which I write ideas that I want to consider implementing. When I am finished with whatever educational method I am participating in, I review my notes and select one item on which to concentrate.

The following is my process:

  • I take the one main point and make a copy to place above my desk. By looking at it every day I can decide if I want to apply it to my business.
  • If it still looks promising after several days, I share the idea with my support group and ask them their thoughts.
  • Because good ideas have to be implemented in a timely fashion, I take my thoughts and those of my support group and make a commitment to either proceed or discard.
  • If it’s a go, I complete a mini action plan, looking at feasibility, risks and threats, and needed resources.
  • This entire process takes me no longer than one week to complete. At the end of the week I either have added a new facet to my business or decided that it would not work at this time.

Many great ideas are lost due to a lack of action.

For those of you in the Phoenix Metro area I want to encourage you to attend the small business education series at Paradise Valley Mall every Tuesday morning starting at 7:30 am. The topics and speakers will help you grow your business.

If you develop habits of success, you’ll make success a habit.                        Michael Angier

Nick J. Petra  CFP



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