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Become known for one great product or service………………..

Most successful companies are best known for one particular product or service. Coincidently, that same product or service is the one that brings in the greatest amount of revenue.  As an example, my most successful product has been my Value Based Strategic Focus Plan; it’s the one that has been my staple since I started my consulting business in 1986. It has been my door opener for all the other services that I offer. It is a product that is constantly being improved to provide the best possible benefit to my clients.

As a business owner, what is your business best known for? Do you have a single product or service that sets you aside from your competition? How is your product/service different; can you explain or demonstrate that difference in a 3-5 minute story?

Having a specific focus is important for growth.  One benefit of a specific focus is the ability to design your marketing campaign to feature that focus. It should be used across all marketing media from printed material to social media.

As a small business owner now is a good time to determine what you are best known for or to select a product or service and re-invent your business around it. Don’t just identify the product/service, but take the time to develop a detailed Strategic Focus Plan which will serve as a “how to succeed manual”.

Take this concept and put it to use; you will notice a new enthusiasm both from you and your target market as you implement this process.

Good ideas are only worthwhile if they are implemented, will you implement this one?

Nick J. Petra CFP

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