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Networking is not a numbers game…..

I dislike the term “networking”! The implication is that if you “network” enough you will get more business than you will ever need. With hundreds of networking meetings each week in most metropolitan cities, a person can network several times a day, hand out hundreds of cards and collet a similar amount.

Because everyone is eager to meet another person and hopefully turn it into a “lead”, these events have, in my opinion, turned into social events. That’s even better than going to your local “watering hole”.

There is at least one organization that provides a real service for business owners. One that is more much beneficial than attending three different networking sessions a day.

Let me share how this one organization benefits its members: (this group I am referencing has 68 members)

  • Growth within the group is based on building solid relationships
  • Each member represents a different business category.
  • The majority of the members are business owners. the rest are commission based individuals who essentially are business owners
  • There is a waiting list behind almost every category represented in this organization.
  • Members learn the importance of discipline by weekly participation
  • The group is highly structured which is mainly responsible for its success (another member benefit as they learn the importance of structure and then apply it to their own businesses.
  • Members are committed to helping each other grow their businesses.
  • None of these members belong to another “networking organization”
  • The meeting is treated as one of the most important parts of their business duties. Attendance is in the high 90%.
  • The group meets every week for two hours.
  • The internal support structure, which I am not at liberty to divulge, is powerful and extremely beneficial to each member in numerous ways.
  • The group has a very positive presence in its community.

The president of this organization is one of my clients and with the approval of the entire membership and a promise of confidentiality I was invited to attend a meeting. Before and after the meeting I spoke to many members and each one told me that this organization is the pillar upon which they are building their very successful businesses

Success was not instantaneous for the members; this required a serious commitment and the patience to work with the structure to make its vision a reality. This is a group of business friends who are trusted advisors to each other, all with the same vision; to grow their own profitable and sustainable businesses.

Doing one thing well is better than doing 100 things “less than well”                        Nick J. Petra CFP



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