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Creativity is destroyed when……………………

Creativity is destroyed with too much regimentation.  Many business owners have the best of intentions when it is time to finally hire a sales representative. After all, they have built the business from nothing and no one knows how to grow it any better than the business owner. The new sales representative is hired and a training session is the first thing on the agenda. In preparation for this session the business owner has made copious notes on how he grew the business and exactly what the new sales representative is expected to do. A “have to do list” is handed to the new sales person along with a detailed list of reporting procedures.

This story has two possible endings:

  1. The sales rep stays with the firm and follows the instructions. The performance is, at best, lackluster and so is the new business that is brought in. The owner accepts the lack of production because he set the agenda and it is being followed. The business may eventually collapse due to lack of growth.
  2. The sales rep leaves the company and the owner repeats the process.

A good training system for bringing on a new sales rep is as follows:

  • Share the  history of the firm
  • Share the company vision
  • Share the goals established in the Strategic Focus Plan
  • Share the past success in marketing
  • Ask for input on different ways to market the company’s products/services
  • Create a focused, step by step,  marketing action plan with weekly achievable goals
  • Implement the plan
  • Review the plan on a weekly basis
  • Remember that instant gratification does not happen

By following this type of training, the new sales representative has an ownership in the marketing process plus the plan for achieving the desired marketing goals.

You’ve got to get up every morning with determination if you’re going to  go to bed with satisfaction.

George  Lorimer

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