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Luck is combination of…………

Luck is a combination of opportunity and preparation. I don’t know who originally came up with the phrase but I find it to be very true.

The hardest part of these two components that make up “luck” is our ability to recognize opportunity. In my last blog I shared a saying: “Seeing the future isn’t so difficult when you’re the one creating it.” The problem that most of us have is opening our minds to the possibility of a different future.

If you are only looking at what has been done in our business by others, you are not opening your mind to be the creative force that will build a new future for your company. Yes, it’s important to know what has happened in the past, but your goal should be to analyze the situation and to find a new “opportunity”.

The challenge to re-invent yourself and your company is not going to be something that can be accomplished in a few hours. It’s going to take days, weeks and perhaps months of concentration and “study” to look into the future.  Yes, it’s possible that you may be “struck” with a “vision” of a better future. If so, start working on it. All of this new direction will require stepping out of your comfort zone and taking a risk.

Once the opportunity is identified the next step is the preparation stage. I define preparation as being something more than spending time planning. While basic planning is important, in this case it has to be “planning on the go.”  When examining a new and different opportunity a long term plan will not work. Getting to that new vision will require consistency, the consistency of keeping that vision always in the forefront. What will change is the “how to arrive at your destination” part.

I recommend a simple strategy to help get you to the next level. Take 25 minutes every day and set that aside, without any interruptions, and a blank notebook and pen as your only tools. Don’t use a computer to write down your thoughts; paper and pen allow for a deeper thinking session and a better opportunity to review your work.  Don’t give up; stick with this exercise for at least 60 days. You will be surprised with the results. If you are  have a coach/mentor working with you, share your thought process at least once a week.

A man who wants to lead the orchestra must turn his back on the crowd                    Max Lucado

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