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Limitations are defined as things that hinder going forward. I define limitations as problems that can be but haven’t been solved.

Business owners seldom share their limitations; instead, they like to brag about their successes. In networking sessions business owners identify their target market and ask for a referral from someone in the group.

Limitations are not all marketing related issues. They can come from government regulations, a shortage of qualified help, obtaining referrals from existing clients, or perhaps a lack of understanding in explaining the benefits of your service or product. I am sure that you can add to this list.

Identifying those limiting factors is the first step in finding solutions; the next step is to write down the imitations that are hindering your business growth and then prioritizing them. Taking them from your mind to a piece of paper makes them a tangible issue and tangible issues can be solved.

Like any other “puzzle” you think about solutions. You try different approaches and if they don’t  work you go on line and “google” your issue and see if anyone else has encountered a similar problem.

Persistence is the key to finding the right solution. People, as a rule, like to help other people. That means that when you are seeking help you allow other people to feel good by helping. To take this step requires doing away with your “pride” and admitting that you don’t have all the answers.

Ask your friends, other business owners, and your support group and yes, even your coach/mentor. Someone or perhaps a compilation of answers may offer the solution that takes you to the next level.

Success comes to those who ask for help. In this week’s issue of fortune there is a story about a  startup company who plans to change the way batteries are made to lower the cost and to double the existing life span. Ann Marie Sastry is the founder of this company and the article is very impressive with the names of individuals and corporations who are supporting her in her quest. To me, this shows the power of asking and knowing what your needs are.

Where there is a will, there is always a way…………..     believing, as I do, is an inspirational guide to success.

Nick J. Petra CFP 

Helping you overcome obstacles if my goal……………..          



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