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Setting a goal is not enough……….

It seems that we are all setting goals all the time, be it in business or in our daily lives. I don’t have a count, but I am willing to bet that most goals will evaporate and never see the light of day.  If failure were to be measured by our ability to complete a goal, then most businesses will fail more often than succeed. These lost goals (dreams) often are the difference between a successful , profitable and sustainable business and one that is trying to survive.

There are several important factors that account for goals not being reached:

Not understanding the goal: too often goals are not clearly defined; vague goal statements lead to a lack of commitment. In many situations, the goal setter doesn’t know what to do once the goal is set and even if work is started on achieving the goal, there is no accountability.

Another important factor which is not often brought up is the time we spend doing everything else that has to be done to maintain status quo in a business. The new goal may be identified but the time required to bring it to  fulfillment may not be allocated.

There is a solution I use with my clients; doing what you have always done, is measurable as to the value (dollars) that it contributes to the business. It may just be enough to keep the doors open with very little room for growth. If a new goal (direction) is identified, what is the bottom line to the company if it is successfully implemented? An analysis of these two issues will show the importance of each.

I am a believer that the work takes the time it is given to be completed. In other words; daily work can be compressed to 50% or less of the time allocated to its completion thus gaining enough time to implement those goals which can take the business to the next level.

Don’t let your dream crash and burn.  A personal behavior change is often required and that can be achieved with support. Support means that you are willing to open your mind and heart and allow another, real life, person to come into your business life. There is no software package that can take the place of the human touch support system.

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone   else’s life…. Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to   become. Everything   else is secondary.”       Steve Jobs

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