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If I buy your service……………….

The question that is often not addressed or not researched is, “If I buy your service, how will that help my bottom line?”  Within a small business scenario, the answer to that question is most often in the mind of the business owner or the management team that makes the purchase decision. Every business that is started is started on the basis that the service being considered has an appeal to the envisioned target market. Unfortunately, there is no research as to the validity of such a need existing or how to best present the service.

Whether your target markets are consumers or other businesses, getting them to spend money on an unknown benefit is difficult. Unless, as a business owner, you are blessed with the ability to “sell ice to an Eskimo” you may survive for a period of time before the market catches on and your revenue drops into a deep ravine.

Unlike a lot of products, such as the new i-watch arriving next month, a service does not have the same emotional appeal; you can’t hold it in your hand or show it to your friends. In many cases a service has to be used in order to uncover its benefits, but before it is used, the buyer has to be convinced that the benefit exists.

There is another possible downside to some services. For example, selling a business plan to a small company may have a great benefit, but unless it is implemented, it has no value whatsoever. Many business plans spend their entire lives in the bottom of a desk drawer. In the mind of the purchaser the business plan did not work. Perhaps, in this case, the service is not just the development of a business plan but also a “plan implementation support”.

When the complete service, which is to be sold, is defined; then comes the presentation of “proof”. This is the most critical part of the service sales process: “convince me that with this service my business will be profitable and sustainable”.

Each service has its own unique benefits; they have to be understood by the selling entity and then packaged into an understandable and impactful presentation. In the case of selling a business plan with a support system, survival statistics between those that have used such a service and those that have not, is very powerful. There should be 3 to 4 such powerful examples of the benefits provided by a service. Thus, you are no longer selling your service but presenting the reasons your prospect needs your service.

This short blog is a summary of the process that has to be developed in order to successfully sell a service. It may take weeks or even months to fully develop such a presentation (sales) process.

Focus is a matter of deciding what things you’re not going to do.                 John Carmack

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