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Learning doesn’t work without accountability

On a daily basis I am bombarded with offerings on how to market my business, how to grow my business, how to make millions in my business, etc. I have taken the time to follow up on some of these offerings and determined that some of them do offer good suggestions. Like most businesses, their goal is to make money and by offering something that appeals to business owners or potential business owners, they sell their products. These products are in the form of on-line classes, seminars, books, cd’s etc., most of which are sold in what I call one-size- fits- all formats.

Unfortunately, like many other businesses, they haven’t learned the importance of forming an ongoing relationship with their customers. In the for-profit training profession keeping students engaged for a long period of time helps both the educator as  well as their  business clients.

I keep harping on the accountability aspect of growing a business. Failure, which means lack of growth, is due primarily to a lack of effort or the correct effort on the part of an owner. I recently conducted an experiment during which I asked 12 business owners to write me a one page report of what they would have to do to take their businesses to the next level. I removed the need for capital as one of their options. I allowed 24 hours for them to reply.

For the most part I received a schedule of what the owners had to do in order to grow their businesses. It was something within their grasp; something they knew would help but something that they procrastinated in implementing.

The follow-up question was why; was not this knowledge put to use. The answers were mixed, but for the most part, it was due to a lack of time. In second place came a surprising answer, “I don’t know.”  I believe that the real answers should have been,” I can’t get started;” “It’s easier to keep busy with other work related projects than to change and work hard at making things happen. “

People are capable of achieving wondrous results but at the same time need a support system to fully develop their potential. Don’t procrastinate, reach out to someone today.

This constant, unproductive  preoccupation with all the things we have to do is the single largest  consumer of time and energy.                     Kerry Gleeson

Nick J. Petra CFP

Whether you succeed or fail is your choice….reach out and let us support you in your quest towards success.

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