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Your best sales person is……………

Marketing is a critical part of growing a business and it has to be a multi-faceted process. Many of my blogs come from experiences I have either with a client, a potential client or just with businesses in general.

This blog will focus on two words “wow factor” and “differentiation.”  I believe that your customers should be your very best sales team. Last week I had an opportunity to visit with a business owner to discuss how to best increase traffic to his establishment. He shared that he spent considerable money on advertising, hiring a marketing firm, direct mail, flyers, etc. all of which met with little or no success.

Let me set up a hypothetical scenario to use as an example, a restaurant. With hundreds of restaurants to choose from a good meal will not, in itself, make passionate salespeople out of customers. The “wow factor” has to impact a customer as soon as he enters the establishment, the creation of which requires a guided planning process. While there are many options that can serve as a wow factor including decorations, staff participation, customer participation opportunities, and dozens more, it has to be carefully integrated into the overall marketing program for the establishment. The goal is to create an initial memorable, unexpected, and positive experience as soon as the customer comes through the door.

The next part of the marketing process is to define specific “things” that differentiate this establishment from every other one. The wow factor is a start, but it is not enough to create the “sales enthusiasm” we are trying to instill in our customers. In the case of a restaurant, good food is taken for granted.  Thus the differentiation needed has to be over and above a tasty meal.   As part of the development of an overall marketing plan, at least 20 factors that can meet the differentiation requirements have to be looked at, prioritized and then incorporated into the marketing plan.

Instant gratification is seldom part of a long term successful operation, regardless of the type of business.  Allow at least six weeks to develop this part of the overall sales/marketing program and to make sure that it can be carried into all marketing aspects including web site, social media, printed material and storytelling.

Change is the only constant in all business endeavors, and a constant review of all efforts and improvements to those efforts is an ongoing process.

Great things happen whenever we stop seeing ourselves as God’s gift to others, and begin seeing others as God’s gift to us.                                                                                         James S. Vuocolo

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