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Grant support – vote needed

As most of you know, I am very passionate about helping small businesses succeed.  Today small business is the backbone of the US economy. Please review the following statistics:

  • There are an estimated 29.6 million small businesses
  • They employ over half of the country’s private sector workforce
  • Hire 40% of high tech workers
  • Represent 97.3% of all the exporters of goods
  • Represent 99.7% of all employer firms
  • Generate a majority of the innovations that come from the United States


Now the bad news: small business has a failure rate of between 50%-70%. How much better would our nation be if an additional 10% of small businesses survived, grew and became profitable?

The type of support needed:

  • Has to be affordable
  • Has to be consistent (ongoing)
  • Has to be immediately applicable
  • Must provide unique  networking opportunities
  • Must assist in developing business and marketing plans
  • Must have an accountability factor
  • Must offer pertinent education
  • Must have weekly challenges
  • Must offer  interaction with a “live mentor”
  • Plus so much more.

For the past four years I have been working on developing such a support system, through many trials and errors I believe I finally have the right solution. The process is expensive but will be worth the effort.

You can help in two ways:

  1. 1.       I have applied for a grant. Part of the process to be considered is obtaining a minimum of 250 votes before June 19th 2015.(votes are needed to show the degree of interest to the people making the grant) Please go to  and vote for Strategic Duck. Tell your friends and data base about my project and ask them to vote.
  2. 2.       Self-funding for this project is possible; my main source of funding is my real estate company. I have a goal of 20 sales in the next four months which will allow me to start the new company. You can also help by sending me referrals ( buyers or sellers). The commissions earned will be used to kick-off “Business Tuesday” which will be under the Strategic Duck umbrella.

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