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Business owners spend hours, days, weeks and even months developing a marketing plan to reach their target market. Unfortunately some of these owners will close their doors without ever having presented their services/products to a “live” potential customer/client.

When survival is at stake, drastic measures have to be implemented, some of which may not be pleasant.

Let me set up a hypothetical example. If your target market is small businesses and you need to make at least 20 sales a month of your product/service to survive, you have several choices:

  1. You can start a social media campaign and wait.
  2. You can start a direct mail campaign and wait
  3. You can start and advertising campaign and wait
  4. You can start a PR campaign and wait
  5. You can send e-mails and wait


  1. 1.       You can gather your presentation materials, your story and benefit list, and go talk directly to an end user. I know it’s not easy, but neither is having to close a business.

All businesses, regardless of size, have a people component to them, especially start-ups through the first several years. Here are a few suggestions for getting in front of a target market:

  • Ask your data base for introductions
  • Participate in structured networking ( not the type where you hand out 100 cards in an hour)
  • Make, in person, cold calls
  • Form strategic alliances with others that serve the same target market

I started you with four suggestions; work with your mentor/coach and build that list to ten, but commit to seeing at least 3 prospects face to face every day, starting today.  Make sure you have a debriefing session every day for the first ten days; this is a vital part of developing this presentation method.

Yes, as your business grows so will referrals and the five methods I listed above will certainly come into play. But never lose that personal touch with your target market, no matter how big or successful you become.

At a meeting this morning I heard this remark:  Think alone – Sink alone  This  goes along with another of my favorites: It’s good to be in business for yourself but not by yourself.   

All businesses need support and that is why Strategic Duck exists. Our service is unique and very powerful. Nick J. Petra CFP  602-989-1592602-989-1592

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