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Intentionality… the secret word…

Intentionality has to be the key word to business success. Most small business owners don’t live their day very intentionally. My definition for the word intentionality is focusing on doing the most important things first, every day.

Technology is a mixed blessing; first thing every morning we check our e-mail. If we have one thing that needs to be focused on, the one thing that will produce the results we need for the day, what does checking your e-mail have to do with it? In my own case, checking e-mail first thing in the morning becomes a distraction; that simple function usually leads to other “busy things” that take me away from what should be my main work.

As a suggestion, decide what is the most important thing that you have to accomplish this coming week. For most small businesses that has something to do with generating income. Allocate the first three hours of each day working towards the accomplishment of that important thing. I have a client that has both his e-mail and phone programed with the following auto respond messages: I check my e-mail twice a day: 11 am and 3 pm. I will respond appropriately at those times. His phone message has a similar voice message with the same times. Since he adopted this system his production and bottom line have shown a dynamic increase. Yes, he carries an emergency cell phone, the number is known only by his family, leadership staff and a few key people. He explains to his customers that this system allows him to focus on their needs without interruption, thus he can focus solely on their needs. His customers appreciate his system and his retention has improved.

Small business owners sometimes find themselves stumbling through their day, which turns into weeks and months and then wondering why there is no time to accomplish their vision. I find that for many of my clients, lack of time is a frequent complaint. Structure through Intentionality is a simple solution to the lack of time issue. Yes, we provide the accountability needed to build habits.

Setting the weekly goal and developing an action plan should be done either Friday afternoon or on the weekend. This usually takes less than two hours,  and it should flow from the Strategic Focus Plan which identifies the vision and the action steps needed to reach it.

Day, n. A period of twenty -four hours, mostly misspent.” (Ambrose Bierce)

If this definition describes your day, call Strategic Duck to help develop your Intentionality.

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