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Make every day your best business day…

Work is a collection of days and some days are better than others. Did you ever stop to think why some are good and some are bad days? In the past few months did you experience days that were awesome, average, bad, or the worst ever? What caused the difference?

A greeting “such as,” How was your day,’ is usually answered with a mumbled ok. One thing that I noticed is that if a day doesn’t get off to a good start it very rarely finishes as a good day. In an earlier blog titled “Intentionality” I shared how easy it is to get distracted and not meet your daily goals.

Most business owners don’t know what caused a good or bad day. They get up, go to work and give very little thought as to what kind of a day it will be.

I believe that there is something one can do to increase the chances of having a good day. The secret is to establish a morning focus routine before you leave for work. Let’s define a routine:

  • Have a set daily time
  • Have a set location, i.e. an easy chair
  • Having a set duration, i.e. 15 minutes

Initially these 15 minutes may seem like an eternity. The secret is to persevere to spend the allotted time in the allotted place at the allotted time.  This may be a good time to say a prayer to clear your mind. Next, think about your day and what is the single most important thing for you to accomplish when you arrive at work. With the remaining time see yourself successfully completing the identified task.

Habits are hard to form and this simple exercise may require four to six weeks before it becomes engrained into your mind.  Skipping a day or two, or saying I tried it yesterday and it didn’t work, is a lack of discipline. Without discipline business success becomes more difficult, if not impossible.

Clients, at first, are surprised when I suggest the adaptation of this exercise as part of our business growth process. I tell them that it is just as important as completing a business plan and then implementing it. Yes, we still have our ups and downs while growing our business, but they become less stressful and less frequent. The discipline learned in this exercise will be transformed to your business and along with that comes profitability and sustainability.

“Once upon a time there were three frogs sitting on a leaf of a lily leaf outside the palace of a great king. Two of the frogs decided to jump into the pond. How many frogs are left on the lily leaf?” The answer is three: deciding to do something is not the same as doing it.

Strategic Duck provides the support and accountability factor to implement the business and marketing plans that we develop together.

Nick J. Petra CFP

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