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Referrals are the life line for all businesses, from the startups to the very large. How to get those referrals is one of the most important marketing pieces that exist.

One of the most effective ways to get a referral is from someone who has credibility and authority, somebody who others will listen to and trust.

The first step in developing a referral plan is to make a list of those “trusted advisors.” The term advisor as used in this method is defined as someone that your target market is most likely to listen to.

Starting a list is easy; who do you trust? The most common people that make the list are attorneys and CPA’s; however, there are a lot of others who are in that “position of trust.” Let’s expand the list: consider financial planners, clergy, doctors, dentists, insurance agents and others

Taking note of commercials, highly visible figures such as TV and radio personalities and actors also are in a position of trust. Another group that can become good referral sources are highly successful people. In my opinion, friends and relatives are potential referral sources but not the ones that need your attention. The next step in the referral process is building relationships and the majority of the marketing effort should be directed to your “who you trust” list.

Building relationships is different than blasting your name over social media and running ads in the local media. Relationship building is a “touch marketing” process. Success doesn’t happen by accident: it’s the result of a deliberate strategy and consistent day-to-day execution.

A story is the foundation of a “touch marketing” program. It includes a personal story, who you are and how you got to this point. It must also tell how you want people to talk about you and recommend you. This foundation begins the branding process. A successful branding marketing program is based on a single concept that is created in the mind of your target market that there is no product/service on the market like your product/service. Create a new category and be the first brand in it.

Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something nowAlan Lakein

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