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We all need to step back……………

We all need to step back and take another look at who we are, where we are and what we are doing. In business as in our lives if we don’t take that step back, we tend to get caught up in our own little world. When we get caught up In our own “little” world, the world at large becomes distorted; and when that happens things start going wrong.

We must always continue to challenge ourselves. Our view of the world is made up of a million thoughts, ideas and yes, prejudices, all of which distort our view of what the business world is really like. Without stepping outside of our comfort zone and facing the constant changes, growth and profitability becomes very difficult.

In a book I recently read, the term “the-best-version-of-yourself” was used. The challenge was for us to become a-better-version-of-ourselves. If we can abide by this thought, then our business becomes better as does our community.

Becoming a better version of yourself means helping others and letting others help you. As a small business advocate I find that many small businesses don’t trust each other or the limited help that is offered. There is a mentality among many larger and better established businesses that survival of a small business is “survival of the fittest”.

The large failure rate among small businesses is not because their ideas are not good, nor that they don’t have the energy, or the necessary funds. What they lack is support and direction. Unfortunately, that support and direction is mostly available to established businesses that have a track record and can show the support providers that there is an immediate monetary reward.

I attended a networking event as a guest of a client several evenings ago. I felt that everyone there was hoping and praying that they would meet someone who could solve their problems. All the discussions among attendees were the same,” What do you do? “and “This is what I do.” Cards were exchanged and then on to the next.

I spoke to a few small business owners. My conversation started with, “What is the biggest problem you currently have in your business?” Very few shared anything; I could tell that they were afraid that I would try to sell them something if they entered into a conversation. After a few of that type of encounters, I just greeted others with, “We all need to step back, look at who we are, where we are and what we are doing, I am here to help you succeed.”

In my opinion, structured business growth means opening up both your mind and heart so you can hear the whispers above the clutter.

Nick J. Petra CFP    Marketing and Management consultant.

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