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A thousand stories….a thousand dreams….

Each of us has a story to share; it may be the story that we see through rose colored  glasses, one that does not really tell who we are and why we exist.  Is the story being told to impress the listener, to make you feel more important in your own mind? Someone once said that if we make ourselves more important through our stories, our listeners may want to associate with us, become “friends”, perhaps even buy our products or services.

If we share our story enough times, someone will buy it and our dream is revived with the thought that perhaps we have finally made contact with the person to take us to our perceived next level. I watched a business owner change his business direction every time he attended a “networking” function. It seemed that the last person he spoke to was, in his mind, the one that had all the answers.

Watching business people interact in a crowded room is an exercise of stories and dreams being shared, not from the heart but with the thought of impressing.  Can a solid foundation grow from this scenario?

Growing a business through an assembled support system requires that the stories that are shared be truthful, without any “makeup.” That is the only way real connections can be made in a personal or business environment.

We need to share our dreams and yes, they will excite others by virtue of our own enthusiasm; but the story that accompanies that dream has to show who you are, how you got to this point (successes and failures) and what road you are traveling on now.

If you share your real story and dream every day of the week with one “selected” person, your business will grow and prosper. No, you may not develop 5 solid relationships each week; but if you can have just one, these 52 true supporters will help grow your business for a long time.

We are still in the people business. Have you in the past twelve months established a true “friend relationship” with 52 people? Have you even accomplished that relationship with 10 people?

These relationships should be, and will be, the foundation for the growth of your company. True story sharing opens doors to all people, from all walks of life. There is a process in the selection of people to share your story with. A proper approach will open any door, and your story from the heart will do the rest.

You can do what I cannot do. I can do what you cannot do. Together we can do great things.                                            Mother Teresa

At Strategic Duck we are what we say and we accomplish what we promise.

Nick J. Petra CFP

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