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A Lasting Impression…………

When you meet someone in person, send an e-mail, post on social media, leave a business card or a brochure; the goal is to leave a lasting impression. If you did not accomplish that, then you may have wasted your time, effort and money.

I shared several weeks ago about a client that was so very proud of his networking prowess. He had four shoe boxes full of business cards that he had collected in the past several years. Not one of those cards was held back and placed in a special place.  That tells me that both the personal encounter as well as the business card did not make a lasting impression.

Before we discuss how to create a lasting impression, let’s define the term: a lasting impression makes the contact, regardless of the meeting circumstance or the material used, it makes the other person say” I want to find out more about you”

Lasting impressions are a combination of the message and visuals presented

Things to take under consideration when preparing for the creation of a lasting impression:

  • Shape
  • Color
  • Content
  • Benefit to recipient
  • Design
  • Web site
  • Your story
  • Logo
  • Tag line
  • Simplicity

Yes, there are other things to think about, but this is a good start. The challenge is to “dare to be different.”  Add to these items the difference (compared to competition) that your product or service offers and you have a winning combination.

Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.   Goethe

Inspiration and accountability are just two of the many benefits you get when you work with Strategic Duck.

Nick J. Petra CFP


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