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Our National Day O Freedom

Our independence is really our “National Day of Freedom” for we survived for well over 200 years as the greatest Nation on Earth. Unfortunately much of our focus and that of the media is where we can go, what we can do, and what can we eat. And, yes, where we can go shopping. Instant gratification has become such a way of life that as long as we are personally satisfied, “who cares.”

God has blessed us and our nation to allow us to do these things. I believe it’s time to take a deeper look at our Country, our values and priorities.  We have some serious issue that we, as the silent majority, have to address. I keep a running list of pressing issues that we, as Americans, should be concerned about. A few include: loss of family values, loss of God in our lives, un-nerved about over 30,000 murders in our  country last year, approximately 50 million people on welfare, loss of the sanctity of life and marriage. I look at Greece and worry about our own economic situation as we spend much more than we are taking in. Genocide in many parts of the world is rarely on the news, yet the people committing the crimes are trying hard to reach us and do the same to us.

Our political system, both elected and “hired support,” has become such a tangled web that no-one knows exactly what is going on. I don’t believe that anyone knows exactly who or which government branch is really running our country.  Forget about our leadership in manufacturing, education, etc. I don’t buy the notion that we have to let others do these things since we are now a global economy. What about our economy?

I keep hearing that no great nation on earth has ever survived much more than 200 years and maybe it’s time someone else took the top spot. I am not ready to give up our rein. The upcoming elections are not going to turn the tide, but we as individuals can affect our own spheres of influence by discussing these issues and bringing forth possible solutions.  Instead of just hotdogs and fireworks tomorrow, we should add a prayer and a frank discussion (which includes our children) as to what changes need to be made to our Nation to become, once again, what is was meant to be.

God Bless

Nick J. Petra CFP

Values are the basis for all the work we do in consulting and mentoring with our clients.



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