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From Follower to Client……..

As you’ve heard by now, social media can play a key role in anyone’s business. The platforms help establish and maintain relationships quickly and easily with prospects. Here are the five steps to ensuring those prospects become sales.

  1. Join a site and create a persona. Persona is key. Be an active member, but not an overactive member. Bombarding your prospects with your brand will cause distrust.
  2. Figure out which site is best for your prospect. Facebook is good for business-to-consumer sales, LinkedIn for B2B products and services and Twitter for any type of prospects, according to Colleen Francis, president of Engage Selling.
  3. Connect with prospects. To grab your prospects’ attention, make sure to follow or friend them. is a good resource to see who is taking about your industry.
  4. Build relationships. Pay attention to what people are saying in your industry. Use this to foster relationships and offer your own service or product.
  5. Don’t forget to communicate. Offering a sincere solution to their personal problem will help prospects turn into clients.


I wanted to share this article because social media has become a very complicated marketing tool and this comes right to the point in simple terms. As a business support team for small businesses we offer business and marketing plans as well as the accountability that is necessary for success. I have found very good instructors teaching social media to business in a very understandable and affordable fashion. They are part of our strategic alliances, and we introduce them to our clients as needed.

As an example, I have added the following web site to my marketing material:  this is a short bio on my background. Since I started using this, my profile is now being viewed at least every two days by prospects. Yes I have a long way to go but this simple site, which is easy to create on LinkedIn, has been rewarding.

If you haven’t read it, please send me your e-mail address and I will send you a complimentary copy of my white paper “A 40% Small Business Marketing Strategy.”  It offers a concise solution to developing a marketing plan and finding the time to implement it.

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