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Sell something….Now….

For small businesses, this has to be their short term, long term and daily agenda, Sell Something Now! There is no-one else that is going to do that for you. Going to a networking meeting, or listening to a sales presentation from ad agencies or media salespeople is not going to solve your “lack of business” problem.

In this blog I am going to recommend an “unorthodox” approach to growing your business. Spend the next six month on direct marketing. Most small business owners have little or no experience when it comes to advertising and marketing. Direct marketing is an easy to understand system that can  produce profitable results.

My definition of direct marketing is getting the right sales message directly to your target market. From now on, every item in your marketing arsenal including flyers, personal contact,  e-mails, websites, blogs, has to follow these guidelines:

  • There must always be an offer: since you know your target market and have identified their needs which your product or service satisfies, make an offer. In other words, never end a “conversation” in any media without making an offer. I have not found a business owner that has not been able to put forth a worthwhile offer with some creative thinking.
  • There must be a reason to respond right away: Content is critical in the development of your material. The offer you make must compel your recipient to act right away.
  • Give directions: you have made a compelling offer and provided a reason to act right away, now you must offer simple directions on what to do. This means a step by step procedure on how to buy your product/service or how to contact you (and have someone answer in a reasonable time frame).
  • Tracking your marketing efforts:  there is seldom a marketing “home run” in any marketing program. There must be an accurate information collection process that tells which of your marketing materials is most effective and also if your content has to be changed. Every dollar that is spent on marketing needs to be tracked.
  • The need for follow-up: one of the most difficult parts of a good marketing system is the implementation of a comprehensive follow-up system. Follow up is a two part system: first, one contact is not enough. For example, if you are mailing a newsletter, send at least a dozen to the same person. When you get an inquiry on your marketing, follow-up with a thank you note and a phone call.

To survive and to achieve profitability, “selling” your product every day should be your main focus.

Obstacles are the frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.     Henry Ford

Nick J. Petra CFP   The development and implementation of a creative marketing plan is one of my specialties, call today for more information.

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