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Business lessons from a nine year old………………..

My grandson spent the day at our home and since I have a home office he came and asked me what I was doing. I shared that I was getting information out to my target market in hopes of landing some mew clients.  My grandson turned nine last month and I have to admit he knows more about computers, social media, i-pads and I phones than I probably will ever learn.

During our conversation, he asked me how I reached my target market and I replied, as an older and much wiser business expert, that I blog every day and post my blogs on my web site and in several social media sites. His response was, “What about videos?”

I remember the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words. Then how much more is a video worth? Television is a great medium because we get to see a person and listen to a story. It has a much larger impact than listening to the same person on the radio.

Back to my grandson. He said “Let’s make some videos and use them to market.”  I explained that I did not have the knowledge or the equipment to produce a video for my company. His answer, “I have my I-pad and I know how to make videos with words, music and you as the “star’.”

We spent the next several hours creating four videos, each telling a different aspect of my consulting practice. My grandson is right; he selected the background music, inserted titles and told me where to stand. Everything turned out great except for me; I was not prepared to tell my stories without mumbling.

He is coming back tomorrow to re-shoot the four videos and upload them to U-Tube.  I am sure that they will be accessible on my web site.

This afternoon I researched the marketing value of videos and learned the real power that they have in marketing a business. I am convinced that online video is one of the most powerful marketing tools that exist for all businesses.  I am very excited about my new discovery and will start a video blogging program that will be posted on as many sites as I possibly can.

I belong to a group called Eliances. The founder starts each meeting with a business lesson that he learned from his children; I can hardly wait until next week’s meeting to share what I learned.

One can never learn enough. That is why learning from others is a key to success.

Nick J. Petra CFP    I want to share my life lessons with you to help your business achieve profitability


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