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A business success deterrent…..mediocrity….

“I’m covering my expenses!”  When a business owner tells me that, I know that he is settling for minimal rewards for his efforts. When the business idea was first conceived, there were no limitations placed on the future. Something happened between the start and the current business status. Perhaps the harsh realities of what it takes to run a business set in and as long as basic survival needs were met, mediocrity set in.

Perhaps there is hope that someone will come along and miraculously take your business to the next level without any effort on your part. I know that it is hard to keep up an enthusiastic outlook when attending a self-pity party. Each of us is created with the ability to set our own direction and to take actions that we feel are necessary to gain the happiness and business profitability that we desire. Why do we settle for less than we could be?

One definition of the word mediocre is “halfway up the mountain.”  Thousands of small business owners climbed halfway up their business mountain and built a flimsy shelter on a cliff. From time to time they re-enforce the shelter with hopes that it won’t tumble down, but seldom try to reach the top of the mountain.

Meeting small business owners on neutral ground, a party etc., they share a vision with positive enthusiasm. Maybe because they are trying to impress someone! They step outside their current reality and see their business for what it could be. Unfortunately, the next day they are back to their cliffside business shelter, back into a survival mode.

Breaking free from this self-imposed limitation requires action on your part. It means overcoming fear, the greatest form of self-oppression. It means reaching out, accepting support and trusting that support. We were brought to this earth to live in community, to work together and to help each other. We go to our place of worship to pray in community, and we reach out to help others less fortunate through our charitable works.

In our business lives we also need to find that support community that will re-kindle the flame upon which our business was based. There are no magic solutions. For the past 5 years I have studied this issue and pray that my Business Tuesday program will fill that void in the small business world.

Step away from your shelter for a time and find the inner drive that will lead you to the fulfillment of your dreams. If you open your heart and mind, the right support community will enter.

If you find yourself in a hole, the first step is to stop digging.                          Will Rogers

Nick J. Petra CFP   Providing tools and support for your success.


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