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How you look at your business….

Do you believe what you see or do you see what you believe?

Step back and look at your business. What do you see? Do you see what it could look like if you make your dreams become a reality or do you see all the things that you are lacking?  What you see is how your mind is working. If you see older furniture in a small office with you doing all the work, then your mind will transmit that lack of current achievement and it does, and will affect your production and growth.

If on the other hand you look beyond your current office and  you see a busy, successful company with a great office, nice furniture, a great staff and a booming business, that is the vision that needs to be in your mind every day as you start your work day.

What you see affects your attitude and that of your customers, staff and friends. When describing your business share your vision of what it will become, not what it is now.

Developing better business and marketing plans; getting more visibility on social media, attending more networking sessions….. All these are important functions of owning and growing a business; but without the key ingredient found only in your mind, growth and profitability will be hard to come by.

Yes, I do the functional work with my clients. We develop and implement strategies to keep the business on a positive, well-anchored, growth track. Over the years I have noticed that we must always have that future vision of what we can and will become firmly implanted in all our minds.  That serves as the foundation for all we do every day.

As most of you  know, I am a “nuts and bolts” consultant; but I adhere to the positive thought process as the single most important part of working with a client.

Remember, a vision statement tells where your business will be in five years. Make sure it has a stretch factor and that it is prominently displayed in your office, be it a home office or otherwise. I like to read that with my clients as our morning business pledge. It sets a great tone for our work that day.

From a business and life perspective “ No factor is more important in people’s psychological development and motivation than the value judgements they make about themselves.”                    Nathaniel Branden

Nick J. Petra CFP   my smile and positive attitude, combined with my knowledge and years of experience, makes my consulting practice the bests there is.

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