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What about promotional products????

What are promotional products and do they work? This question comes up often from clients who are trying all possible marketing ideas.

In preparation for this article, which is also the answer I give my clients when asked this question, I first examined my own office. I found the following promotional items: pens, rulers, note pads, highlighters, calendars, business card  stand, cups, money clips, tape measures,  key chains, paper clip holders, flashlights, sport bottles, tote bags, cooler bags, sanitizers, a variety of   clips, charging cables, and zippered  portfolios. No, these items are not sitting in desk drawers; I have a promo-box in which I toss all the non-valuable promotional items.

On my desk I have three items: one is a note holder with the Rotary International seal on a marble base the second is a clever fold away computer brush given to me several years ago by my computer support company  and the third is a Starbucks  coffee mug given to me by a client.

So what is the answer? In my opinion, the promotional item you give away represents your company. promotional items are useful only if they have a value to the person receiving them. The following are a few rules to remember:

  • Don’t give junk.
  • Item should add value to the receiver
  • Give a practical or unique item
  • Remember, it only costs a little more to go “first class”.
  • The following are the most popular, best received items, as I determined from my research:
    • T-shirts – quality with your logo being visible but not dominant. In other words, don’t have it cover the entire shirt.
    • Coffee-mugs – your logo with a positive short message but not one that will wash away all the printing after the second washing.
    • Pens – make sure that they are quality instruments and work.

Other items that I use are:

  • My “Be prepared book” a complete storage of all information pertinent to both business and personal life. Includes instruction book and an interactive CD. I designed the book, and it is very well received. It comes in a lose leaf binder with my name and the purpose of the book on the cover.  I retail this book at $35.
  • For business customers I also give another book I wrote “Seven Weeks To Increased Profits” which is a day by day instruction guide on how to double your business.
  • For birthdays and Christmas I send my clients a Starbucks card

Promotional items work, if bought and used correctly.

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