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It seems that every day I receive more and more e-mails promising me a quick solution to increasing my bottom line if I only would purchase………….

Human nature makes us eager to achieve wealth as easily as possible. Many opportunities are presented for starting a business in your spare time and earning thousands of dollars without having to spend any time or effort. These so-called opportunities include everything from writing a book on something you know nothing about to buying a new franchise.

The internet has made it easy for a new class of not so honest fortune hunters to reach thousands of people at little expense and to promise them easy solutions to wealth creation. It is aimed at the vulnerable which I list as solopreneurs, small business owners, retired people in need of additional income, the unemployed, as well as those that have always dreamed of owning their own business.

There are virtually no checks and balances on those that are selling on the internet (or through most advertising medium). Yes, a small portion of these offerings may be legitimate and will deliver what they promise, but they are in competition with thousands of  “glitzy” web pages or advertisements promising everything you have ever wanted, but they never deliver.

I often hear “it only costs $ 10 or $20, what have I got to lose?” First you lost that $10 or $20 dollars and your loss along with that of hundreds of others have made those making the promise very wealthy.

There is no such thing as a fast, inexpensive, easy way to make a fortune. If you are still temped to make a purchase, find out who is making the offer, google their name and company, look at their business history and their qualifications to be making such an offer. I also look at their community involvement as a gauge of their qualifications. Don’t trust the two or three testimonials that are usually found in the sales pitch. They may be legitimate, but I am willing to bet that there are many more that never realized a penny in income.

Another issue needs to be discussed. With so many promises being made those in need of help in starting or growing a business don’t know who to trust, and consequently, can’t find the help they need.

In my opinion we are becoming a nation of “you owe me” by providing hand-outs to those that don’t want to work. This mentality also fosters the “easy way to riches” promises that I just mentioned.

A plan followed by hard work is the best way to reach your dreams…………..

Nick J. Petra CFP

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