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You can’t transform your business overnight….

Instant gratification is a trait that many small business owners have. When they buy a new service or product they expect positive instant results.  As a business owner I get phone calls, e-mails, and hard copy advertisements promising an instant solution to my problems. The majority of these promises have to do with unbelievable monetary results if I buy their offerings.

Let’s face facts, most small business failures are due to a lack of profits. Notice, I said profits, not gross income. Over-optimistic projections combined with a lack of planning and organization makes many small business owners ideal targets for fast cash marketing.

Technology has opened the door to instant communications and many things in our daily lives are only an app away; unfortunately, I don’t know of an app that can provide instant success to a small business owner.

I use a system that can best be described as “one step at a time, all the time”.  Using the Building Blocks planning system, the most critical need of a business is addressed that includes increasing profits to sustain the business which allows for the building of a solid foundation. Nowhere in this process is there a promise of quick money.

Revenue streams are but one of a dozen building blocks that are used in the correct growth process for a business. Without the other blocks being nurtured and integrated into their correct position, the business will fail in the long term.

Often the argument I hear from small business owners is, “I need cash now!” They don’t have the patience or willingness to understand that they can grow into their vision, one step at a time, over a period of time.

We admire people, athletes, musicians, famous authors and others who have reached the top of the mountain in their professions. We understand that it took years and years of practice and, in many cases, sacrifice to attain their lofty positions. Why then, do so many small business owners expect to avoid the hard work and sacrifice as they strive to reach their goal?

It doesn’t matter if you are a commission sales person, a solopreneur or have 10 employees working for you; the one step at a time method gives you the time to be aware of changes in your profession and to lead instead of follow as you grow.


Nick J. Petra CFP

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