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Businesses fail because………….

There exists a gap in the world of small business, the gap between knowing what to do and doing it.

I seldom meet a business owner who does not know what needs to be done to grow a business, and at the same time, I seldom meet a business owner that is doing what he knows needs to be done.

An exercise challenge: Take at least an hour to think about your answers. Taking the time will be the most difficult part for completing this exercise. I recommend a quiet place without any distractions.

What is the single biggest problem you have with your business today? Please take some time and write a few sentences on this issue. Next, write down what you think can and should be done to solve that problem.

Our businesses don’t succeed because most of us won’t follow through on the solution we just identified. It may seem like a good solution, but the implementation process which includes giving the solution a chance to work, needs to be applied daily for at least 50 days. In my experience, a good habit takes at least 50 days to become a habit. Doing what you know needs to be done, can be achieved. No, it won’t be easy, unless you are one of the few people that follow through on your New Years’ Resolutions. I recommend the following steps:

Focus: by knowing what you have to do to succeed in your business that has to become the most important part of your daily activity. (If you haven’t figured out what I am suggesting, it is about forming successful business habits). Focus also means selecting the most promising solution and sticking with it for at least 50 days. Successful habits take time but they create positive results.

Passion: success requires a passion for both your business and the work needed to achieve your vision. If you are passionate about staying healthy, then you exercise and watch your diet. Your business deserves the same type of passion if you want to distance yourself from other mediocre businesses and enjoy a profitable and unique lifestyle.

Accountability: perhaps the most difficult part of this process is the accountability factor. Very few of us have the ability to self-motivate on an ongoing basis. If you are blessed with the gift of self-motivation, you are ready to proceed. If you are like the majority of people,( less than 23% keep their new year’s resolutions), you need help. Help can come in many different forms. I have a system that I call my clients every week to see how they are doing; some clients I see in person every week. Other solutions can be your business support group or a trusted advisor. Many other systems exists.

Don’t ever say I can do it all by myself. Allow yourself to reach out and find the support that will help you achieve your dreams.

I never could have done without the habits or punctuality, order and diligence…the determination to concentrate myself on one subject at a time.                     Charles Dickens

Nick J. Petra CFP I am here to help you achieve the business success you deserve.

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