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Growing and idea is all about…Connections…Frequency….Understanding

I am sure that everyone has had at least one if not many “brilliant” ideas. Some of these ideas can be even more powerful than the story of APPLE. The difference is that no one know about them.

For ideas to grow and possibly reach maturity, they require the following:

Connection:  The more people you can share your idea with, the more influential it can become. In today’s world there are many avenues through which to share your idea. Certainly personal contact with your friends, family,and  business acquaintances is an easy avenue to take. The internet and social media have expanded our reach to literally millions of people. Other avenues include the more traditional methods such as direct mail, advertising and public relations. If you are just in the development stage of your idea, share in generalities without giving away any secrets.

Frequency: Once is not enough and overdoing it is too much. Ideas need to ferment if the mind of the person who hears it and repetition is the key. Spam (sharing your idea every day) may be too much, but I believe that at least one contact a week is necessary.  Understanding the concept of “Frequency” will help you figure out how often as well as the best ways to connect.

Understanding: When you communicate an idea, it has to be understood. It has to create an A-HA impression in the mind of the person receiving the message. Because our communications options are so many, different methods of communications should be chosen to best fit the medium used. That means that words, graphics, animation, pictures and videos can all be stand alone or a part of the overall communication process. The desired result is an easily understood message, instantly. Part of the challenge is to create a series of messages, each of which conveys the idea in a different format so that the required frequency is eagerly anticipated.

A business can only grow if it makes an impact. Being like the rest of the fish in the ocean will never achieve for you, the status of a whale.

If you believe in your idea and have the passion, belief and enthusiasm needed to make it a reality, then you can stand apart from all the other fish (small businesses vying for attention) by following these simple steps. Remember, it’s not just you and your competitors vying for attention, but every small business owner is part of the small fish community, trying to grow into a whale.

Brilliant business suggestions can come in short blogs like this one. Are you open minded enough to learn more about this system?

Nick J. Petra CFP   


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