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Small business survival is based on breaking the status quo……

There is a forgotten segment of the business population that both deserves and needs a lot of support. Statistics tell us that the failure rate among startups is over 80%. Businesses don’t have to fail if they can receive immediately applicable and affordable support in all areas of growing a business.

There is an element of trust that is lacking on the part of many small business owners. In many cases their life experiences, when reaching out for support, results in a “sales pitch” for an ineffective, high priced solution.

Even the “good guys” that can provide real support in the many areas of need don’t want to work for a small business that doesn’t provide the revenue that they are seeking. For example, banks won’t lend money and even the opening of a business checking account is costly. Computer technicians and social media experts are also expensive and frequently beyond the reach of most start-ups. Other professionals such as accountants and attorneys are, in many cases, beyond the reach of an average start-up.

the biggest employer, the fastest growing company, etc. receive all the attention in the media. The small business owner is left to survive, in many cases, by trial and error and a lot of luck.

For the past five years I have set as my goal the decreasing of the failure statistics among small businesses. How much greater would be our economy and our nation if we could decrease the failure rate even 10% by providing better support to start-ups and small business owners. Like most start-ups I have had to grow by trial and error, a lot of persistence, and by listening to the needs of what small business owners really need which allowed me to develop an affordable small business support system that is equivalent if not better than “the big guys” receive.

Hundreds of my small business support blogs can be found at The material in these blogs comes not only from my own 25 years of experience but from what I have learned by reading, listening and visiting with small business experts in all the disciplines needed for success.

The rest of the puzzle has also been completed. Reading a blog is a start; the rest of the process includes peer to peer support, affordable immediately applicable education, a place to ask questions and receive honest answers, and a greater emphasis on business creation through proper planning.

Breaking the status quo requires a degree of trust and a determination to succeed. Tomorrow I will share a different method of building a business that goes against the grain of how most businesses start and try to grow.

Spread the word, the small business success revolution is coming!

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