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Seven Rules for Online Success…….

In today’s economy it’s up to consumers when they want to find someone from whom to buy a product or service. In the “old” days (before the web), dealing with a salesperson was often considered an adversarial relationship. Because of the amount of information on the web, the salesperson no longer controls the situation when a product or service is needed; the web is usually the first place that is searched.

The following are my suggestions for online success:

  1. With people always having immediate access to the web, mobile devices are the fastest-growing method of engagement.
  2. Success belongs to the firms that tell their buyers the best story. That includes having an organizational story that sets the foundation for everything the business does.
  3. Online content is rapidly becoming the dominant driver for sales and service. What you put online has to be valuable and educational to your target market. A note of caution: good content is worthless if the potential consumer does not remember you.
  4. Words are no longer enough; pictures, graphics and/or videos should be included in everything you do including blogs and all of social media.
  5. Include a call to action in all media content.
  6. Your website or blog is your “store front” on the web. Make it easy for a potential customer to reach you in person if they decide to contact you. Voice mail is not the answer.
  7. Like any other marketing tool, it must be used in order to produce results. In my 40% marketing time outline I emphasized spending 40% of a day in the area of marketing. A big part of that should be concentrated on online marketing.

Change is still the only constant in the business world, and it transfers over to online marketing. New .and different methods for online marketing require rapid action. In some cases that means minutes, not days.

Don’t be one of the small business owners who say “I can’t do it all”. The truth is that a plan is needed for online marketing and, once developed and implemented, it becomes second nature.

Call me today to help you identify the major components of online marketing.

It’s good to be in business for yourself but Strategic Duck should be your support partner!

Nick J. Petra CFP



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