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A caring staff is critical to good customer service…

Prestige cleaners is one of the best dry cleaning establishments in the greater Phoenix area. Their president is a friend of mine and at breakfast this morning she shared her experience when a major power transformer went down in the early morning hours. All their locations offer an “in by 10 am and done by 4 pm” same day service, every day.

What impressed me today was the team effort that all the employees at the affected location displayed. With no electricity in the entire area and a steady downpour, it would have been easier to stick a sign in the window explaining the situation and taken the day off. I am sure that many other stores in the area did just that.

In this case, the entire team worked together to move and process all the orders at another location. The cohesiveness of her team made me think that they had practiced this emergency procedure many times over. Within the hour everything was back at the affected store and their excellent customer service continued without missing a beat.

Several important things have to be pointed out in this example:

  • The employees have a sense of ownership in their work.
  • They work well together and respect each other’s role.
  • Their customers were foremost in their minds, thus the heavy rain and lack of electricity was not a deterrent in their desire to continue their excellent customer service.

Perhaps the most important lesson here is the great management skills that my friend has. She was able to instill in all her employees the importance of the customer, not just for a one time sale, but to establish a relationship that has to continue for many years.

Denise, you continue to impress me and teach me things that I can share with my clients. This is one of the best examples of what good management skills and a caring attitude can accomplish. And what’s more, you got everything organized and still made our 7:30 meetingJ Congratulations.

The measure of success is not the number of people who serve you, but the number of people you serve.

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