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Five things to do for a successful lead generation process….

As the New Year begins we are again full of enthusiasm with visions for a very successful year. 2016 can and should be a great year, but we must stay structured in the lead generation process. The following are five important things to remember.

  1. Know your business and your target market: as a business owner you have aspects of your business that are your “motivators”. You also have aspects of your business that differentiate you from your competitors. The combination of these two factors create the foundation for a successful lead generation process and a successful and profitable year. Building this foundation is an intensive, in-depth process that should be facilitated by a 3rd party coach/mentor.
  2. Develop your message: I have often spoken about the importance of identifying your target market, but of equal importance is how to connect with them. “Motherhood and apple pie” (generic feel good messages) will not work. Every paper, e-mail, blog, etc. including your website should be focused on the same audience with a focused message showing that you understand their needs and can provide solutions.
  3. Customize: even within a target market there may exist differences. The method of contact may vary within the target market, and recognizing their preferred method of communications is necessary to share your story.
  4. Staying in touch: frequent but not annoying contacts with your target market is necessary. The purpose of “staying in touch” is to be present in the prospects’ and clinets’ minds when a need arises that you can fill. For example, I provide a Business Tuesday update to my subscribers. This allows me to be present at least 52 times a year. This constant contact reminds them about my services even though my weekly message is not a sales message but one pertinent to their business.
  5. Staying consistent: If you have been following me for any length of time, you have read the following definition: Character – the ability to carry on after the mood has left you. Implementing an overall marketing plan requires discipline. Too often business owners start a communication system such as a blog or other marketing effort and quit after a few weeks because it did not produce the desired results. The message must be consistent as well as the frequency of delivery.

As simple as they appear, these five steps can be the difference between a very successful and profitable year or one of struggles and financial hardships. It’s good to be in business for yourself but not by yourself. Invest in yourself and select a mentor or join the BizQuack group for support.

Habit is the daily battleground of character.                       Dan Coats


Nick J. Petra CFP

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